Priceline is a travel site that lets you bid on flights, hotels, rental cars, vacation packages and cruises.

Before you bidding a hotel, you can only specify a city zone and hotel star level. When you win, Priceline will assign you any hotel that matches your criteria. The risk could be some hotel quality issues. Still, the savings are often worth the risk for budget traveler.

Getting the best deal on a hotel by bidding on Priceline can be tricky. Follow the following Super Ten Tips, you will beat the bidding system.

1. Know the rules:

Before bidding, read Priceline's terms of service. For example, unlike most standard hotel reservations, you can't change your reservation or get your money back after purchasing a room through Priceline. Once your bid is accepted, you're committed.

2. Shop around:

Use Web sites such as Travelaxe and Sitestep to find the lowest published prices for hotel rooms. More hotel search engine please visit Hotel Travel Super Link.

3. Check Hotwire:

Hotwire doesn't seem to provide deals quite as good as Priceline. However, it's a good idea to check what's available on Hotwire before bidding on Priceline so you don't overbid. you can figure out what hotels specifically are on offer in many cases easier than with Priceline, especially if you check BetterBidding which maintains Hotwire hotel lists.

4. Check city zone maps carefully:

Moreover, know each zone offer what star levels hotel. Just place a check mark in the box of the zone as though you were going to bid that zone. When you get to the next page, it will show what star levels are offered. You'll need to go back to the page that lists all the zones and check each zone individually. Make sure that only one zone is checked each time.

5. Check Biddingfortravel Hotel FAQ:

You will understand more about priceline bidding system before you start your bid.

6. Check what hotel are listed in the priceline:

Again, Biddingfortravel keep a successful bid Hotel List at its forum. Check what hotel you could get and read the review if you want to learn more.

7. Check other bidder successful price information:

Both Biddingfortravel and BetterBidding post other people's successful bid information. You should use that price as your reference. When you win the bid, it is nice to post your information to that forum to help other people.

8. Rebid wisely:

Now it is the time for you to bid at Princeline. After a few minutes, you should know your bid win or lose. If you win, congratulations for your saving.

If your bid is refused, by rule you must wait three days (72 full hours) for another chance to place a free bid again for the same trip.

However, you can use "non 4 star zones free rebid" trick. It allow you to turn in a free re-bid immediately

What does that mean? Simple. Imagine you are looking for a 4-star hotel in the zone A. Your offer is rejected. You'd like to bid again with a slightly higher price for the same hotels, but Priceline won't allow that. So you locate a zone in the same city (perhaps across town) that does not have any 4-star hotels in it, raise your bid price, and try again.

How do you find what zone offer what star level hotel? Back to 4.

There is one important caveat that you need pay attention: When you are checking for 'no 4 star zones' you have to make sure that the zone you are checking doesn't have a little palm tree next to it. The palm tree indicates that there are resorts in that area. You may check the spot and see there are no four star hotels, but when you go to bid and include that new location, they may end up sticking you at a resort.

9.Advanced rebid:

Here is the trick, assume a city has four zones.

Zone A: Has 4* Hotels
Zone B: Nothing 4* or above
Zone C: Nothing 4* or above
Zone D: Nothing 4* or above

Based on tip 8, we see only three free rebidding opportunities for a 4* Zone A hotel. (A+B, A+B+C, and A+B+C+D)

However, use the following step and bidding in a precise order, this can actually yield SIX free rebids.

1. Bid A
2. Bid A + B (as a free rebid)
3. Bid A + C (on a totally new bid)
4. Bid A + D (on a totally new bid)
5. Bid A + B + C (on a totally new bid)
6. Bid A + B + D (on a totally new bid)
7. Bid A + B + C + D (as a free rebid)

If you are interested to know more discussion, visit this forum.

10. Free Upgrade:

Final tip: once your bid is accepted and it happened the hotel is the one your hotel's loyalty program, you may ask an upgrade at your check-in. But you can not get the credit for that stay.

More general information and tips about lodging, hotel and motel, welcome to visit our Hotel Travel Super Link.