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Common Name

Fall Color

Scientific Name & More Link

Sugar Maple

yellow, orange and red

Acer saccharum

Red Maple

yellow, yellow-green, orange to red

Acer rubrum

Silver Maple

mixture of green, yellow, brown

Acer saccharinum


clear yellow, orange, pink and scarlet

Sassafras albidum

Red Oak

russet red to bright red

Quercus rubra

White Oak

brown, red, brown to wine

Quercus alba

Quaking Aspen


Populus tremuloides

American Beech

golden brown

Fagus grandifolia

Sweet Birch

golden yellow

Betula lenta

Yellow Birch

showy yellow

Betula alleghaniensis

Flowering Dogwood

red to reddish purple

Cornus florida

Bitternut Hickory

yellow to golden

Carya cordiformis

Black Locust

nonshowy yellow brown

Robinia pseudoacacia

Tulip Poplar

clear yellow to yellow green

Liriodendron tulipifera