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Top Ten Hong Kong Attractions.

Top Ten Hong Kong Romantic Places.

Jackie Chan's Hong Kong:
Tell you Hong Kong's Best.

Hong Kong Movie Map:
Let Hong Kong's most popular movies be your guide.

Hong Kong 18 districts Attractions:
Introduced by Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Hong Kong Eighteen Districts Information And Selected Routes:
By Go HK. Interactive multimedia introduction. Very attractive.

Ocean Park Hong Kong:
Information, images and multimedia.

Lan Kwai Fan Bar Lists:
Recommended by HK Street.


Hong Kong is not just a big city. In fact, Hong Kong has a total of 23 Country Parks and 15 Special Areas, covering about 40% of its area, which provide a lot of scenic escapes and unspoiled playground for hikers, campers, swimmers and boaters.

Country Park:

Country Park And Special Area,
Country Parks Profile:
Total 23 country parks and 13 special area introduction.


Long Distance Hiking Trail
Popular MacLehose Trail (100Km), Wilson Trail (78Km), Lantau Trail (70Km), Hong Kong Trail(50Km).

Hong Kong Detail Trail List
Managed by Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.


Hong Kong Campgrounds:
All 39 designated camp sites at country parks throughout Hong Kong.

Beaches And Water Sports:

Hong Kong Beach Location,
Hong Kong Water Sports Center:
By Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Big Wave Bay is Hong Kong popular surfing place.


Hong Kong is well known as the Events Capital of Asia.

Hong Kong Event Calendar.

Hong Kong Art Festivals.

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Hong Kong Movie Database:
The largest Hong Kong movie information source and reviews.