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What is Tag?

Tag is like a keyword or a simple category label, which people can use to categorize their posts, photos, and links. It become much popular with some success applications, such as email service like Gmail, social bookmark services like Delicious and Furl, online photo sharing communities like Flickr and Buzznet.

What is Tag in

In our, tag means simple category plus short clean url. User can easily access our webpage with URL like For example, if you want to find any air travel related information, tagname is airtravel, you just try, then you will reach the webpage talking about air travel. You do not to remember any long web address anymore.

We are working hard to support more travel related tags. You could find our tag supported webpage with some tag: tagname listed at right corner of each webpage. You also could visit our tag index page to find the exact tag we are supporting. If you have any suggestion or feedback, please let us know.


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