Before you rent a car, you need to know the following 15 car rental super tips.

3. Credit card:

Most of the major car rental companies require a credit card in the renter's name. You need bring the card you use for reservation when you go to pickup the car.

Currently Alamo and Dollar accept debit checking cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo. Some local car rental companies have similar policy too.

4. Hidden fee:

Besides the basic fee, be aware of any hidden fees which increase your cost much more than you expected.

Taxes & Airport Surcharges:
Sales tax and airport charges vary considerably between states. It is important to realize they are additional expenses that will increase your bill. "Off airport" rental locations usually have lower surcharges.

License Fees:
Some states allow car rental companies to charge extra to recover the costs of licensing their cars.

Gasoline Charges:
In most cases, you will pay a very high premium for returning a car with an empty tank. Car rental company also provide prepaid gasoline plans, which means you pay in advance in your contract for refilling the car after return.

Unless you think you'll be in a hurry, otherwise just decline this option and refill the car before you return it.

Drop off charge:
An extra fee is usually charged if a car is returned to a different location than where it was picked up. This fee varies by location so there usually is no general policy in place. However, some companies do not require a charge when dropping off in-state at many Florida and California locations.

Travelocity's Total Pricing service list the basic price plus tax & fee, and other charge.

5. Frequent renter programs

Free membership includes a profile which can save you time and hassles at the counter.

The kind car you want, waivers for insurance, credit card, frequent flyer number and so on are in your file so when you make a reservation, that information goes with it and when you get to the counter, all you need do is give your reservation number, name or your club card and you are on your way.

6. Coupon:

Before using a coupon, find out what the rate is without it? Sometimes the coupon for a 20% discount is based on their highest rate and may actually cost you more money.

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7. What to bring:

Be sure all drivers can provide a current driver's license. If you are planning to use your own insurance, be prepared to supply a copy of the policy. you will need a major credit card for car rental most of time.

8. Upgrade:

When the counter agent convince you anyhow you need to upgrade your car, just refuse it. You should have a free upgraded if the car you reserved is not available.

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