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Local Car Rental


This company has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Washington State.

E-Z Rent-A-Car:

Accept cash, check cards, and all major credit cards. The minimum rental age is 18 years old. Serve some cities in Florida, Georgia, Texas.


This company has locations in California and Arizona. Cars can only be driven in California, Arizona and Nevada.

More Car for Less:

This company has locations in Florida only.

Special Car Rental

Used Car Rental


Largest used car rental company in the world. Pick Up trucks, Box Trucks, Mini-Vans, Cargo Vans, 15-passenger vans, SUV's, Station Wagons are all available in select car rental locations.

Truck Rental


Truck rental company. However Ryder do not offer one-way rentals.


U-Haul rent trailers, trucks and vans, including one-way rentals.

RV Rental

Cruise America RV Rental & Sales:

No. 1 in the RV Rental industry. About 139 motorhome rental centers in the United States and Canada.

luxury Car Rental

Specialty Rental:

Offer a wide variety of exotic sports cars, convertibles, luxury sedans and SUVs at California.


Limo search service. Limo quotes in seconds.