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Big hotel chain contact list.

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A very complete hotel chain list you can image.

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Hotel chains with free Wi-Fi service.

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Hotel Frequent Stay Plan Super Link

Talking about all big name hotels frequent stay plan.

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Trip Advisor

Unbiased reviews of hotels, resorts and vacations.

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Unvarnished guest opinions of hotel reviews, resorts, and motels.

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The independent source for personalized ratings of hotels, resorts and places to stay in the USA.


The biggest and the only hostels guide that posts your real hostel reviews, comments, and exclusive hostel photos.

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Daily web magazine. Dedicated to covering everything related to hotels and lodging around the world, including hotel deals and reviews, hotel industry news, tips for booking online, the hotels you should stay away from, the hotels you should book, and more.

Bed and Breakfast Shark

Unvarnished guest opinions of B&B reviews, B&B real estate.

Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews

Good Caribbean travel experience and hotel review from worldwide travelers.

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Smarter Living

Deals listed by main hotel. You also can find hotel deal based on top destinations.

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Great Hotel Deals listed by top destinations.


You can directly print thousands of coupons for lodging discounts across the eastern United States.


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All tips you need to know about the hotel reservation, very detail.


Do you hear the story about "Yours is a very bad hotel"?

A funny yet real story : Tom Farmer and Shane Atchison, a pair of disgruntled web developers who were refused "guaranteed" rooms from an overbooked DoubleTree Club when they arrived at Houston 2 a.m. They send an email with an PowerPoint presentation they made to the hotel and a few friends. The document quickly found itself plastered across the Internet faster than everybody expected. What is the result?
Read the story and the famous PowerPoint Presentation.