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Best Airfare Search


Its meta-search technology searches the websites in the United States and around the world. The coverage includes travel agents such as Orbitz and Travelocity, consolidators such as and, major airlines and international suppliers. Best for international travel. Highly Recommended.

ITA Airfare Search Software

This is the search engine software used by Orbitz. It gives more flexible option and detail report about your search. The matrix pricing display for airfares shows in text and graphic. You need register first. Highly Recommended.

Airfare Search Engine



Global travel distribution system. The power behind your travel agency is now at your fingertips.

Bridge The World

Part of ebookers. Bridge the World is a "tailor-made" travel service which specializes in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Southern Africa, and the Middle East.

Travel Taxi

Founded by ITM International at 2001. With over 50 participating airlines, Travel Tax focuses primarily on international airline discount tickets to anywhere in the world.


A useful search engine for best Star Alliance airfare between two cities.


An international travel company specializing in selling discounted airfares to Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia. Student Travel is one of our focus.

Unpublished Airfare

Specializing in international discount unpublished airfare from United States to Europe, Asia, South America.

Student Flights

As a university based travel agent, Student Flights specialize in all types of travel for students and young people.