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iPod Product

Apple iPod

A class of portable digital audio players designed and marketed by Apple Computer, including flash memory based iPod shuffle, hard drive based iPod mini (4~6 GB), iPod (20~60 GB) and iPod U2 special edition.

iPod Lounge

An independent iPod resource for all things iPod, iTunes and beyond.
iLounge Buyers' Guide 2005: a complete guide to today's best iPod accessories and more.

iPod Hacks

Your source for the latest hacks, mods, tips, and tricks of iPod.

50 Fun Things To Do With Your iPod

In the four years since its introduction, the iPod has proven to be a versatile little device. Here are a few dozen things you can do with your iPod besides listen to music.

Online Music

Apple iTunes

iTunes Music Store has sold more than 500 million songs, providing music fans with the best music download experience on Mac or PC.

CD Baby

The best independent music from the cutest little record store on the web. A fun, easy place for you to hear and buy great new music.

All Music

Created in 1995 as a place for music fans to indulge their passion, All Music is the most comprehensive online music directory.

Artist Direct

Free music download, MP3 music, music Chat, music Video, music CD, ARTISTdirect Network.

Up To 11

Music recommendations and search. Searching 377,201 music collections and 9,631,447 songs.


Gnoosic is kind of a search engine for music you don't know about. It will ask you what music you like and then think about what you might like too.

Audio Book


Internet's leading premium spoken audio source. Audible has more than 70,000 hours of audio programs from more than 200 content partners that include leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers.


An open source audio-literary attempt to harness the power of the many to record and disseminate, in podcast form, books from the public domain.

Blackstone Audio

One of the biggest publishers of audio books.

Recorded Books

The premier publishers of audio books since 1979.

Books On Tape

Choose from 1000's of unabridged audiobooks on tape, CD, or for immediate download.

Importing Audio Book Into iTunes

Based on Michael Alderete's weblog, tell you the tricks to import audio book cd into iTunes so you can learn using iPod.

Simply Audio Books

Audio book rental service.

Audio To Go

Audio book rentals.

Books Free

Largest online library of paperback and audio books for rental.

Audio Books For Free

MP3 and DVD audiobooks (adventures, detectives, horrors, classics, children, non-fictions, philosophy, etc.) for you to download and enjoy.

iPod Application

iPod Subway Maps

Download subway maps onto iPod photo.
iPod Photo.

Online Music Community

Music Mobs

An online community designed to track your listening habits and help you find new music.


Audioscrobbler builds a profile of your musical taste using a plugin for your media player (Winamp, iTunes, XMMS etc..).


Rate music, get recommendations, explore music. Help you find new music you like.

Sound Flavor

Discover music through friends and friends through music.

Music Strands

Create, rate and tag. Build your own playlist, then publish in your own blog using music stands RSS feeds.

Rough Guides To Music

On this site you can read online versions of our acclaimed books on Rock, World Music and Classical Music. You'll also find information about all our other music books and CDs.

iPod iTunes Application

iTunes Library With Del.icio.us

By lifehacker, step by step explanation about how to find and add media to your iTunes library with del.icio.us.

iPod Linux

iPodLinux Project homepage. It provides the details of an open source venture into porting Linux onto the iPod.