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Currently four china's airline companies: Air China(CA), China Southern Airlines(CZ), China Eastern Airlines(MU) and China Hainan Airlines(HU), four american airline companies: United Airlines (UA), American Airlines (AA), Delta Airlines (DL) and Continental Airlines (CO) are providing non-stop flights between United States and China Mainland. Northwest Airlines(NW) and US Airways(UA) will join the new routes between two countries in 2009. Hong Kong based airlines Cathay Pacific Airways(CX) offer some direct flights between United States and Hong Kong.

Los Angeles(LAX) - Shanghai (PVG)

MU586 (AA 5790)
MU 583 (AA 5791)

14h LAX 12:30pm PVG 6:30pm
11h40m PVG 2:50pm LAX 10:30am

Los Angeles(LAX) - Guangzhou (CAN)

CZ328 (DL 7831)
CZ327 (DL7832)

15h LAX 11:50pm CAN6:50am
12h50m CAN9pm LAX 5:50pm

Los Angeles(LAX) - Hong Kong (HKG)

CX881 (AA6119)
CX883 (AA6121)
CX882 (AA6122)
CX880 (AA6120)

15h25m LAX 12:05am HKG 7:30am
15h20m LAX 10:20pm HKG 5:40am
12h30m HKG4:25pm LAX 12:55pm
12h30m HKG11:45pm LAX 8:15pm

San Francisco(SFO) - Beijing (PEK)

CA986 (UA4454, US5356)
CA985 (UA4453, US5355)

12h50m LAX 12:40am PEK 5:30am
12h35m SFO11:00am PEK3:35pm
11h20m PEK4:00pm SFO11:20am
11h24m PEK1:04pm SFO 9:04am

San Francisco(SFO) - Shanghai (PVG)

UA 857 (CA???)
UA858 (CA???)

13h33m SFO12:12pm PVG5:45pm
10h33m PVG 1:45pm SFO8:18am

San Francisco(SFO) - Hong Kong (HKG)

CX873 (AA6617)
CX879 (AA6079)
UA869 (US6465)
CX870 (AA6074)
CX872 (AA6118)
UA862 (US6466)

14h45m SFO 12:10am HKG 6:55am
15h0m SFO 12:00pm HKG 7:00pm
14h50m HKG11:55am SFO 6:45pm
14h50m HKG2:05am SFO 6:55am
11h50m HKG 2:10pam SFO 10:00am
11h55m HKG 5:05pm SFO 1:00pm
11h38m HKG 12:50pm SFO 8:28am
11h50m HKG 10:45pm SFO 6:35pm

New York(JFK) - Beijing (PEK)

CA982 (UA4452, US5352)
CA981 (UA4451, US5351)

13h25m JFK 3:30pm PEK 5:55pm
13h30m PEK 1:00pm JFK 1:30pm

New York(JFK) - Shanghai (PVG)


15h20m JFK12:45am PVG5:05am
14h15m PVG 6:30pm JFK7:45pm

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