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Common Sense: shop around and keep shopping around.

However, your time is valuable too. And there are just too many Las Vegas Hotel reservation websites! How could you find the best deal for Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos? Follow the next 10 Steps:

1. Understand your budget:

What kind of hotel/motel do you want to live, Luxury or budget? four and five star hotel, or just three star hotel?

2. Understand where you want to stay:

Strip, off Strip or downtown? At Strip south, center or north?

Check our Las Vegas Map as reference.

3. After Step 1 and 2, the first thing you should do is to check the ads in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday. They usually have a huge section of ads from Las Vegas hotels.

Here is Phil Feldman's on-line list.

4. Check Cheapo Travel Bargain Bin, fatwallet travel or some other forums to see where others good hotel deals from.

The Bargain Bin @ Cheapo Travel

"THE OFFICIAL" Las Vegas Hotels Promotional Code Thread @ Fatwallet

Getting a Las Vegas Package Deal

Other Las Vegas Forum Super Links

5. Go directly to hotel websites and check their internet deals. More and more big hotels (four and five star) promote the lowest rate at their own websites rather than third party website.

If you find some good deals at Hotel website, check their cancellation policy. If the cancellation policy is friendly, reserve it as a backup for your better deal hunting.

Las Vegas Hotel Promotion Check:
A tool could help you check Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mirage, NYNY, Treasure Island and Boardwalk hotel promotions at the same time.

Recently, more and more hotels encourage booking directly from their hotel websites and promise the "Best Rate Guarantee", see our best rate guarantee superlinks.

6. If you look for some five star hotels at a discount price, Bid at Priceline or Hotwire to try your lucky.
Remember you must read Bidding For Travel as an starting reference.

Other than five star hotels, Priceline may not that good for Las Vegas Hotels. Reason is mentioned at step 5.

Priceline Hotel Bid Tips:
All tips you need to know before using Princeline.

7. If you are a member of the slot club, call hotel directly to ask talking to General manager, Manager on Duty or Director of Sales and ask if you can get a free or casino rate room. You will be surprised sometimes.

Do not use 1-800 toll free number. It will connect you to central reservation clearing house, which people there has no right to change any quota price for you.

8. If you look for some cheap hotels and motels, you need those discount hotel brokers and search engines. Before you using vegas.com, lvtb.com, etc., try Travelaxe and Sidestep, because they search many third party reservation websites at the same time.

Before reserving through any on-line hotel broker, understanding the processing fee and cancellation policy, then make your decision.

9. Anytime you reserve a hotel with a great deal, do not forget to cancel your backup hotel reservation.

10. When you check in hotel, attend the slot club and use the slot club card anytime when you play. You may get better rate for your next Las Vegas Trips.

Bonus Tip. Check for internet deals on for rent by owner timeshares. Five star timeshare rentals sometimes go for cheaper than the three or four star hotels when they rent by owner. The reservation through the resort websites are often not the lowest rate.

More general information and tips about lodging, hotel and motel, welcome to visit our Hotel Travel Super Link.