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Travel Agents

American Society of Travel Agents

American Society of Travel Agents is world's largest and most influential association for travel professionals. Its membership agent must obey to a code of ethics.

Moffits Consolidators Guide

A good online resource for both consolidators and travel agents who specialize in working with consolidators.

Accreditation with the International Air Transport Association and the Airline Reporting Corp are good travel agents membership.

Consolidators Association

United States Air Consolidators Association

The USACA serves as the national trade association for those air consolidator businesses committed to integrity, trust and reliability. It is an association of air consolidator members, not travel agents, therefore any travel agent may freely and confidently look to USACA members for all of their air consolidation needs.

Bridge The World

Part of ebookers. Bridge the World is a "tailor-made" travel service which specializes in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Southern Africa, and the Middle East.

Travel Taxi

Founded by ITM International at 2001. With over 50 participating airlines, Travel Tax focuses primarily on international airline discount tickets to anywhere in the world.


An international travel company specializing in selling discounted airfares to Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia. Student Travel is one of our focus.

Unpublished Airfare

Specializing in international discount unpublished airfare from United States to Europe, Asia, South America.

Student Flights

As a university based travel agent, Student Flights specialize in all types of travel for students and young people.