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Orlando -- "The city built on the peel of an orange".

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Climate & Weather

Florida's summer is hot, humid and rainy, winter is cooler and dry. The hurricane season is between June and November.

General Monthly Weather Information

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When To Visit

Peak Season and Off-peak Season, also called high season and low season.

Traditionally, Summer time from June to August are peak season , same as Christmas and New Year week. The last week of December is typically Orlando's busiest. Other main holiday like Easter break, July 4th, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day are busier too.

From January second week to May, and from September to November are off-peak season. Crowds are at their lowest in January and early February; the weeks between Labor Day and Columbus Day; and in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The first two weeks of December are traditionally Orlando's slowest. The Memorial Day Monday and the days immediately following also tend to be very light.

You can tell Peak season or not by theme parks' operating hours When the parks close early, that means low season. When the parks are open late (11pm or midnight), that means high season.