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Airport Information

US Airport Information Super Link

All information about main airports in United States.

US Airport Security Checkpoint Wait Times

Airport waiting time information from Transportation Security Administration.

World Airport Codes

Provides information for almost every airport in the world. Using the search box below, you can search for airport codes by country name, city name, and airport name.

Airport Parking Reservation

Provide discount airport parking service.

Airport Lounge Project

A website with the goal of listing every airline lounge in the world.

Sleeping in Airports

Fly on budget? check out this budget traveler's guide to sleeping in airports.

Customer Service

Fly Rights - A Consumer Guide to Air Travel

Guide to passenger's rights from the Aviation Consumer Protection Division of the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Where To Complain Air Travel Service Problems?
Where To Complain Air Travel Civil Rights Problems?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Air Travel Tips

The tips and informative materials about air travel in the United States from TSA.
Where To Complain Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Screening or Employee?
Where To Complain Missing Baggage or Other TSA Incidents?

My Travel Rights

Understand your travel rights, presented by Consumer Travel Rights Center. It covers your basic right with airline, cruise, hotel, car rental, rail and tour.

Rule 240

Rule 240s generally apply only to delays that are absolutely the airline's fault, such as mechanical delays. They do not apply to what the airlines call "force abjure" events: weather, strikes, "acts of God," or other occurrences that the airlines say they cannot control. Under Rule 240 case airline should give you free meal vouchers, hotel accommodations, phone calls, and other amenities.

Air Consumer Contacts

Contact information for the heads of Customer Care/Affairs/Relations at the 19 largest domestic airlines by DOT.

Lost, Delayed And Damaged Luggage

Tell you how to claim reimbursement for the luggage lost, delay and damage.

FAA: Tips On Flying With Children

Some safety tips about flying with kid by Federal Aviation Administration.


TSA Watch Lists Clearance Procedures

Official information telling you how to remove yourself from TSA Watch Lists.
TSA Passenger Identity Verification Form Download

The International Association of Air Travel Couriers

For people who want to travel cheaper by flying courier.

Bump Tips

Willing to get bumped from a flight to get free ticket or fat comps? You must check this tip.

Airline Meals

The world's first and leading site about nothing but airline food. Preview first and business-class dining menus and see pictures of actual airline meals.

Airport And Airline Taxes

Provide additional government, airline tax and fee information.