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Frequently Fly

Frequent Flier

The internet's premier site for frequent flyer program information and advice.
Summaries of the largest frequent flyer programs , including contact information and lists of participating mileage and award partners.

Inside Flyer

Inside Flyer helps readers optimize miles both on the redemption and earning side of the programs. Each month it provides readers a closer look at the latest news from the frequent traveler.

Web Flyer

List frequent flier deals, including Bonus Promotions, Deal Watch etc.

Miles and Points

Recent frequent fly good deals.

Free Frequent Flyer Miles

Best collection about acquiring free frequent flyer miles without actually flying on the airline giving you the miles.


Help you get the most from the airline award, accommodation reward, and frequent shopper programs. Allows consumers to swap points and miles between programs so they could achieve the rewards they want faster than ever before.


Free database of frequent flyer programs and bonus mile offers. Search bonus mile promotions by route, airline, or program. Find all airlines participating in any frequent flyer program. Find all programs in which an airline participates.

Mileage Workshop

A website with updated information of current mileage earning opportunities.

Great Circle Mapper

A helpful tool used to estimates of distance and mileage earned for routings.

Fare Metrics

Mileage Calculator tool and Route Expander help to gain maximum mileage. Useful for mileage running.

FewMiles' Unofficial Guide To American Airlines AAdvantage

Providing information on the undocumented features of the AAdvantage frequent flyer program, specializing in the topics of elite status and the Gold and Platinum Challenges.

Unofficial Guide To United Airlines

Designed to collect as much information as possible about United Airlines in one website.

Travel Tips & Forum

Air Travel Super Tips

Ten tips about air travel you must know.

Flyer Talk

The best travel forum where the frequent travelers exchange all kind of information.

Airliners Discussion Forum is the absolute authority on aviation photos. Its discussion forum provide a wide range of active aviation forums in the world.

The Air Traveler's Handbook

By Mark Kantrowitz, very popular free air travel handbook.

Sky Trax

Airline and airport quality ranking and global passanger forums.

Money-Saving Travel Tips

Tell when is the cheapest time to fly during the holiday season.