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International Airfare Booking Tips


By extensive testing for international air travel especially european routes, foreign website has always better deals than united states travel website. However, booking a airline ticket from a foreign travel web site can be a changeling. Here are TEN tips you must to know for booking airline tickets on sites outside the United States.

Before you start booking air ticket, know more about the international air travel first. Please read our International Air Travel Super Tips.

1. Understand Foreign Language:

For the travel website outside of the United States, English may not be its primary language. Some of them may provide English version, but most of them are only in French, German, Spanish etc. Read our advices about How To Understand Non-English Website.

2. Shop Around:

Shop around is still the common sense. Because no magic site will offers the best deals for every itinerary.

Start from our recommended Best Air Travel Search Engine, then check Aggregator and other travel web and Low Fair Airlines Website.

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3. Flexible Schedule:

Flexible is still the key to get a better airfare. Try to change your itinerary by one day early or later, or flying into or out of a nearby airport could save you airfare cost. Avoiding travel ahead of the big holidays and summer peak season could save you cost too.

4. Search And Reserve At Different Website:

Use the search engine to compare and decide which airline and flight you want, then go directly to the airline website to compare the price. If airline website provide the same or better deal, buy directly at airline website. You may save any processing fee and charges of third party on-line service. You also may get more frequent flyer miles bonus.

Even the most comprehensive travel sites do not offer all travel services. Not all low-fare airline itineraries are available in third-party sites. So if you know for certain itineraries certain low-fare airline provide service, go directly to check at that low-fare airline website.

5. Be Alert To Fare-Jumping:

Fare-jumping means that travel site's posted price is either not same as the final booking price, or become unavailable when you decide to reserve it.

So make sure the posted price is available for booking. Avoid those fare-jumping trick websites.

6. Be Alert To Taxes, Surcharges and Service Fee:

When you compare price or book ticket, be sure to understand all the taxes, surcharges and service fee that third-party website may charge.

7. Be Alert To Currency Conversions:

Booking from foreign travel website, the currency may not be US dollars. Before finalizing the sale, make sure you check the currency exchange rate to ensure you really get a bargain.

Recommend Travel Tool Currency Exchange Link.

8. Sister Travel Websites Are Not Identical

Do not assume the airfares are identical on sister sites.

For example, Expedia, Opodo and travelocity sites based in separate countries offered completely different airfares for identical itineraries. It is clear that each sister site negotiates its own deals.

9. Check The Flight Origination Country Website First

If you are not sure which website to start from, consider a travel website based in the country where the flight originates. For example, use a British site for London to New York route first. Do not always take assumption that United States travel web will provide better deals. In fact the answer is no.

Travel Website Based On Country.

10. Finalize Your Booking:

It is always good to use credit card to pay online. That provide you an additional protection in case some disputes.

Understand the cancellation and change itineraries policies. Double check your travel information including name, travel dates, and correct airport. Remember you could be fully responsible for travel purchases by your mistake.

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