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Consolidator Airfare Booking Tips

Since international airfares remain regulated both by international treaties and by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), all sales of international tickets on scheduled airlines at less than official fares are made through travel agencies, not directly by the airlines, and ultimately depend on rebating of commissions by travel agents to customers.

Even more and more travel agents have online business, most of time calling a travel agent is still the best way to buy international airfare with the best prices offering.

Besides general ten International Air Travel Super Tips, we had another ten tips about how to buy a international airfare from travel agents.

1. Find a good travel agent:

There are a lot of travel agents who can help you book an international airfare, but there are only good travel agent who can help you very hard.

Consider working with a so-called "ethnic agency" that deals with only one country or region, since many have contracts with carriers based in the country.

Ask about the travel agents that how long they are in the business, are they any member of travel association? Do they have a formal address and 800 phone number? etc.

For good travel agents reference please refer Travel Agents Membership.

2. Ask which consolidator your travel agent is using:

Are they working with top consolidators in the world? Good consilidator means big sales volume, long years in business and more commission, which means your travel agent has more chance to get the best airfare you want.

For top wholesale consolidators name please refer Top Consolidator Lists.

3. Learn fares before you book:

Before you start to talk to your travel agents, it is always good for you to have some idea about the general airfare and best airfare price. Either ask some reference from other travel guru, also give a general search online at least.

4.Check fares with online search engine:

More and more online travel airsearch website, search their price first.

Our Travel Super Link lists the best and most popular air travel website you need. Please check:

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5. Check fares on air travel specialized Web sites:

After you check the air travel search engine, you may want to check some aggregators to compare the price. Also Pirceline and Hotwire will offer discounted, consolidator-like fares where you don't know the airline or flight times until after you book.

6. Play all the angles:

Some wholesale consolidators are also retail tour operators, so you may save money by booking a package deal that includes cheap air. For example, Pleasant Holidays, a top tour operator to Hawaii, owns consolidator Air by Pleasant. District-based Picasso Travel, a top transatlantic consolidator, offers tours to Europe.

Ask your agent to consider combining published airfares with consolidator fares also.

7. Make sure what you see is what you get:

Initial consolidator quotes usually don't include taxes and fuel surcharges, which can add up a lot per ticket. Get a price that includes everything before purchasing. Ask if the ticket allows frequent-flier miles.

8. Don't buy until you shop around

Once you get a quote for a consolidator ticket, shop around and compare it. Make sure that is the best airfare you could get after some effort. But of course do not let good deal pass. Sometimes timing is important.

9. Follow up with the airline

After you book and pay for your tickets, call the airline and double-check the booking to make sure it has a record of the transaction.

Airline Contact Lists.

10. Get your tickets:

Whatever e-tickets or paper tickets, you travel agents should issue the tickets quickly. If they need a long period of time to pass between payment and issuance of tickets, that is an alert

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