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International Airtravel Tips

Want to be a savvy international air traveler? Here are TEN international air travel tips you must to know.

1. Different airfares systems :

The airfares for domestic flights and for international flights are totally different.

Domestic USA airfares were deregulated, which means airlines can sell any fares they want. This is the reason that you usually buy the best fare directly from airline website.

However, International airfares remain regulated both by international treaties and by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA).

All sales of international tickets on scheduled airlines at less than official fares are made through travel agencies, not directly by the airlines, and ultimately depend on rebating of commissions by travel agents to customers.

2. Consolidators classification:

Usually there are three kind of consolidators:

Wholesale-only consolidators
They have no retail sales or advertising. They are the consolidators most local travel agents know about, and don't want to be known to the general public.

Destination specialists
Retail agencies that specialize in a particular destination or region. They often have negotiated discounts on tickets to that region.

Bucket shops
Retail agencies that specialize in knowing the full range of consolidators and in knowing other techniques of fare construction, importing tickets, etc. They are specialize in trips more complicated than simple round trips, often to a wider range of destinations or to multiple destinations.

3. Shopping around at right time:

Airlines usually wait until they have a good idea how full their planes will be (based on advance booking levels) before they decide how deeply they need to discount their tickets to consolidators to fill their planes, especially ahead of the big holidays and summer peak season.

Shopping around at right time. Too early or too late you can not get the best price.

4. Shopping around at right place:

Depending on your itinerary, try either an agency specializing in that destination and/or a bucket shop.

For international air fare, local travel agents or domestic air website may not be a good place to find good deal.

5. Know the deal, buy quickly:

Shopping around for the best price.

However, the different to the domestic fare is the rating for international air fare can take up to an hour of work, So do not be surprised that can not be given off the top of the agent's head. The agent will give only a very rough estimate of the fare unless you make clear that you are really serious about getting the ticket from that agency if the price is right.

When you find a deal you're happy with, book the ticket immediately. If you wait too long, the deal may disappear. That is always happen at peak season or holidays.

6. Best agents:

The best places to find bucket shop are London and San Francisco; other places with many are Penang and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok, and Athens.

In the USA, most bucket-shop advertising is concentrated in the Sunday travel sections of the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Miami Herald, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times.

Favorable references is a good source too.

7. Credit and Reputation:

Bucket shop reliability varies. Find out how long they've been around. Check them out with the Better Business Bureau. Go to their office in person, if you can.

If it's worth it to your peace of mind, pay by credit card so you can refuse the charge if you don't get your tickets. You'll probably be surcharged 2-5% for using a credit card, but it's simple, cheap, and effective insurance.

8. Fares change:

It's especially important to remember that fares change constantly and that no estimate is certain until the tickets are actually issued.

Travel agent can makes reservations for you. they may be able to use "block" space held by them, by the airline, or by a consolidator. However they have little control about the fare variations.

9. Confirmation:

You should try to check directly with the airlines, immediately after paying for your tickets, to make sure that you are holding confirmed reservations.

10. No magic website:

There is no magic website. Different sites, sources, and tactics may be best for different trips. No one Website consistently has the best prices, even for similar trips.

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