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US Airtravel Tips

W ant to be a savvy air traveler, here are TEN air travel tips you must know.

1. Plan Early, Shopping Around, And Shopping Often:

Book early is always a good suggestion. A 21-day advance purchase is a basic if you are looking for some discount econemy airfares. You should start to shop around at about two months before your trip.

Do not wait the last minute deal. No Magic there.

Orbitz offers Deal Detector that allows you to monitor three trips and includes the Bonus Days options.

Regularly check the webfare or signup some special price emails from low cost airlines that serve your city or target destination, like southwest, Frontier, JetBlue, Song etc. low cost airlines have regular fare sales every six to eight weeks.

United States Discount Airlines.

2. Know The Best Fly Time:

Plan your travel to avoid your destination's peak season, when fares tend to be the highest.

For US domestic flights, the lowest fares are usually for midweek travel: Tuesdays and Wednesdays. As well as a Saturday-night stay will get better deals.

3. Keep Your Plan Flexible:

If you are looking for some good air travel deals, keep your travel plan flexible is the most important tips. Flexible means travel time and iteneraries, departure and destination airports or even your vacation destinations.

Consider alternate flight time and/or alternate airports nearby. You may be able to get a much lower fare if you're willing to keep your plan flexible.

4. Use Search Engine Or Aggregator, But Reserve Directly At Airline Website:

Use the search engine or aggregator to compare and decide which airline and flight you want, then go directly to the airline website to purchase your ticket.

You save any processing fee and charges of third party on-line service. You also may get more frequent flyer miles bonus.

United States Air Travel Superlink keep updating the best air travel search engines and aggregators.

5 . Know The Deal, Buy Immediately:

For any flight within the US 48 contiguous states if you see a airfare around $250~300, it is already a great deal. Around $200 is a stealing deal. All price mentioned above are before tax price.

When you shop around and compare the price, be aware of tax and fees that will be included in your price later.

When you find a deal you're happy with, especially within six weeks of your travel date, book the ticket immediately. If you wait too long, the deal may disappear.

Farereport: A free tool that provides travelers with historical averages airfare and largest market share airlines. You can use its report as a reference.

6 . Book The Lower Fare And Stand-by:

You may find that a flight later in the day has a lower price.

Book the lower fare and stand-by for an earlier flight.

Most of the major airlines allow you to stand-by for earlier flights on the same day of travel without charge.

Be nice to gate agents. The gate agent is the most powerful person in the airport. Talking to them with a smile, sometimes you may get what you want.

7. Reconfirming Flight Times:

After you booking your airticket, be sure to reconfirm your flight times before your trip. Airlines have a poor record of notifying passengers when flight times change.

Ask seat assignment in advance, on-line check in and print boarding pass, these are some good tips to make your flight easy and relax.

8. International Flight:

The travel agents or consolidator still get a better deal for International flight.

There are completely different systems of airfares for domestic flights within any given country and for international flights.

Domestic USA airfares were deregulated in 1978. Airlines can publish pretty much any fares they want. The best published fare for any domestic USA flight should be available directly from their airline.

International airfares remain regulated both by international treaties and by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA).

All sales of international tickets on scheduled airlines at less than official fares are made through travel agencies, not directly by the airlines, and ultimately depend on rebating of commissions by travel agents to customers.

9. Frequently Fly Mileage:

Don't forget to earn miles every time you fly. Now it is quite easy to keep your miles from expiring and earn miles for everyday activities. so one day you will get a fly for free.

10. Best Airfare Search Engine:

It is relatively hard to name who is the best. But by some research we find that using ITA Software in combination with SideStep will find the lowest prices 96% of the time.

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